History of Jazz

Count Basie and his Orchestra

Jazz Playlist from a University course on the History of Jazz. You will find a whole lot of Jazz songs and videos from the beginning of the past century until now, among which of course Count Basie, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington etc etc. I will be adding some videos, mp3’s every week (until the summer). Whenever possible, I will write some words on why the respective examples where chosen within a specific context. Additional suggestions and comments are always welcome! Enjoy!

(click the link to open the full page with the respective examples.)


Part 1: Introduction – What actually is Jazz?

Featured videos:

  • Charlie Parker and Miles Davis Count Basie and his Orchestra: Hay Burner (Nestico), 1968.
  • Duke Ellington: Isfahan (Strayhorn), 1965.
  • Miles Davis: Gone, gone, gone.
  • Duke Ellington: Concerto for Cootie, 1940.
  • Dirty Dozen Brass Band: Caravan, 1984.
  • Charlie Parker: K.C. Blues, 1951.
  • Bill Evans Trio: Solar, 1961.
  • Duke Ellington: Take the ‘A’ Train (Strayhorn), 1941.

Part 2: Early Precursors – From Gospels, Fieldhollers, Worksongs and Ragtime to Blues and Jazz.

Part 3: Early Jazz – Blues, Louis Armstrong and the early Music Industry. [coming up soon!]

[Click here to see all featured songs as a Spotify Playlist.]


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