Formant Frequencies in Vowels

1. Vowel formant centers
Vowel IPA Formant f1 Formant f2
u u 320 Hz 800 Hz
o o 500 Hz 1000 Hz
ɑ ɑ 700 Hz 1150 Hz
a a 1000 Hz 1400 Hz
ø ø 500 Hz 1500 Hz
y y 320 Hz 1650 Hz
æ ɛ 700 Hz 1800 Hz
e e 500 Hz 2300 Hz
i i 320 Hz 2500 Hz
Vowel formants
Vowel Main formant region
u 200–400 Hz
o 400–600 Hz
a 800–1200 Hz
e 400–600 and 2200–2600 Hz
i 200–400 and 3000–3500 Hz
(source: Wikipedia)


2. Graphical visualizations of F1 and F2 frequencies of the vowels u, o, ɑ, a, ø, y, æ, e, i.

Vowel Formants

u, o, a*, a, ø, y, æ, e

Formant Distribution

3. Music Notational Representation of each of the vowels.

Vowels represented as musical notes


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