Statistics: Prejudices or Xenophobia?

X is a racist. X is probably also mean, and if not mean, than at least X is rude. X is also lazy. Not always, but often. It’s not clear what skin color X has, X could be black or white, but generally X will be white.

What is this about? Given the  Google Instant Search suggestions, this description could be  deployed not only to describe Americans or Dutch, but also any Russian, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Dane, Mexican, Libyan, Latino and/or African. Although the context in which the properties are in fact used is not clear from the results, it is still quite remarkable, that people from any of these nationalities/ethnic groups are considered or consider each other as racists, often mean and/or rude. And Mexican and Americans are both believed to be lazy. The second remarkable thing is that all of the properties attributed are negatively connotated…only the Danes seems to have a less dark reputation, together with the Nigerians they are suggested as “the happiest people”.

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One Response to Statistics: Prejudices or Xenophobia?

  1. theweakend says:

    You have heard from me.

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