Procedures: Rewrite rules.

In Semitic languages, such as Arabic or Hebrew, words consists of a root of at most three letters. Now, what happens if you rewrite the three letters of an acronym into Arabic? You get a new word. And the most incredible thing, the meaning sometimes even matches the original denotation of the acronym. As in HIV which becomes حيف and that means ‘injustice’. Some, though, rather seem an antonym.

CIA -> صيا -> trustee
NPR -> نبر -> accent
BBC -> ببز -> fine linen
HIV -> حيف -> injustice
PHP -> بحب -> love
brb -> برب -> lord
tqm -> تقم -> not
GDP -> جدب -> poverty
LSD -> لسد -> to bridge
KPN -> كبن -> Cuban
ABN -> ابن -> son
IMS -> يمس -> affect
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