Statistics: North Bias

North-South-West-East. Clearly a North/West Bias.

North South West East in the US English Books

But obviously the picture changes, when you need to distinguish between enemy and friend which are respectively in the east and the west. The use of North-South-West-East in German.

North West South East in German

Or when the South and North are in a conflict as was the case in the American Civil War (1861-1865).

North South Tendency US

It’s Qaddafi when Libya is an enemy and Gaddafi when Libya is a friend? So France, what is it today?

From Gaddafi to Qaddafi in France

Germany the Enemy?

Germany was the Enemy

Btw for English speaking authors there have been two important wars in the past century: WWI and WWII.

war Google NGram Results

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