Questions: How many steps is your dictator away from stepping down/falling?

∞ <- Your Dictator speaks in public, gives speeches of 90 minutes or more.

5 <-  State Television broadcasts your Dictator giving speeches from some odd location. The world starts to closely follow his/her speeches via Al Jazeera.

4 <- The Internet is down or is at least slowed down.

3 <- Speeches are becoming shorter and your Dictator speaks from private governmental locations to invited groups of loyalists.  You are not invited or you are paid/given drug/threatened to attend and cheer for him/her. In any case everybody loves him/her.

2 <- Your Dictator appears on radio and everybody wonders why on radio. In any case everything is normal.

1 <- Your Dictator starts writing letters to foreign leaders and has his spokesmen or loyal ministers read them out to the press. In any case the end is approaching.

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