Quotes: The Panic in Tripoli. In 1911.

A hundred years ago, but more contemporary than ever.

Not only in the last days, but also a century ago, in the year 1911, foreigners set out to flee Libya’s capital Tripoli. And their reasons were not even that different from what we saw in the last couple of days: fear for local demonstrations (that, unlike today, did not actually seem to be carried out).

However, back then the demonstrations were directed not against a Libyan ruler, but against the Italians. Against the Italian decision to invade Tripoli (September 29, 1911), which marked the beginning of the Italo-Turkish war (or a.k.a Libyan war). It was not until the Treaty of Lausanne, in October 1912, that a peace agreement could be signed.

Panic in Tripoli

Panic in Tripoli. © New York Times. Published on September 28, 1911

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