Fabpulses: Rhythm is everywhere!

Hereby the sound analyses of three of my favorite fragments of the past week. Number one, 10 seconds of Talib Kweli‘s

‘Listen’, number two Duke Ellington with ‘Take the ‘A’ train’, a great jazz piece. And at last again a fragment from an interview, in which I explain with a indignant tone that I meant to say something else.

This time I added a pitch analyses of all of the three songs, as well as a screenshot of the spectrum and intensity from ‘Listen’ and ‘Take the ‘A’ train’, respectively.

The fragments, from this week, show more white spaces in between the individual pulses, which means the soundexcerpts I chose should be more rhythmic than last week. And that is actually also the case, for both pieces. The pitch shows the frequencies of the tones. Don’t know yet, what to say about them, but I’m going to think a bit more about it! The general pictures, show a nice analyses of the spectrum, that shows also more about the pulse and rhythm in the song. Fascinating!

The respective soundfragments:

Duke Ellington: Take the ‘A’ train.

Talin Kweli: Listen

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