Fabpulses: Hmm. Not Very Rhythmic, I Suppose.

A 10 seconds pulse report of my favorite sounds/music of week 3 (2011):

(NB: And next time with detailed time-specification of the sequence, yay!)


I don’t know, it seems that if it weren’t for Bomba Estéreo my musictaste would have been rather melodic than rhythmic this week, sort of… However, even though Helios, for sure, is more melodic, ambient, my favorite 10 seconds of ‘Hope Valley Hill’ turned out somewhat rhythmic after all.

I actually also really like the last sound, which is from an interview I did with a very very dear friend of mine, Wouter B. The excerpt I chose for the pulse analysis, was not even supposed to be part of the interview, but turned out to be…the only -sort of- useful, however in any case, for me, the most beautiful part of the interview anyway.  It says:

W.B. – Eerst moet je specificeren, wat voor soort konijn hebben we het over.
Me    – Ja, precies.
W.B. – Hebben we het over een Vlaamse reus? Want een Vlaamse reus loopt op een hele andere manier het bos in dan een klein bergkonijntje,…


NB2: audio file follows asap!

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